The relationship between parents and children is foundational. Children need to feel safe and loved in order to thrive. Our team understands the importance of learning from parents about how they approach parenting and who they strive to be as parents. We work with parents and children to strengthen their relationships, highlighting existing connections and providing opportunities for growth and positive change.  We help parents see themselves as the barometers their children need to understand how to move through the world behaviorally and emotionally. As clinicians, we know that parents are the very best advocates for their children and we look forward to further supporting this crucial relationship.  

Several of our clinicians are trained in an attachment-based treatment model called Theraplay®. Theraplay® focuses on enhancing the parent-child relationship through play-based, developmentally appropriate activities. The goals of Theraplay® treatment are to strengthen the parent-child attachment, improve self-esteem, and achieve joyful engagement. The Theraplay® Institute refers to this therapeutic approach as “building relationships from the inside out.” You can learn even more about Theraplay® here.